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17 de marzo de 2015

Los años 70 están de moda

Los años 70 son tendencia esta primavera y estas imágenes reflejan lo que se llevaba y se llevará durante los próximos meses.

70s Fashion Icon: Farrah Fawcett | The 70's, 70's, 70s, fashion, style, trend, 70s era, street style, boho, hippie, bohemian, inspiration, 1970s

15 Groovy Photos Of High School Fashion In 1969 - LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEE. Let's bring back these fashions. PLEASE.

"vogue 1970" -- just for perspective, compare this 40+ year old image of a woman to almost any similar image today. This woman has strong, powerful, beautiful legs, and ankles with a greater circumference than the thighs of today's "beauties." A few years ago, I read a study of middle-school girls who described Marilyn Monroe with words like "fat" and "cow." What say you??

Richard Avedon for Vogue 1970 http://theyroaredvintage.tumblr.com/post/15594226065/photo-by-richard-avedon-for-vogue-1970

Jane Birkin in 1971 Lanvin geometric print ensemble- vintage inspiration, definitely my style.

70s style. Best era for style and music

1969    Editorial Fashion.French Elle,December 1969.

BIBA city girl, 1973 << belljarsf.com >>

1975 Mary Quant

imágenes : pinterest

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